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24 May 2022 14:43


The development that raises the morale of Ebru Şahin in the series of Destan, whose ratings have fallen!

Destan (Epic) series, which started with big claims at the beginning of the season, draws attention with its decreasing ratings in recent weeks. Ebru Şahin, the female lead actress of the series, gives life to one of the most special roles of her career. The actress, who gives life to an imaginary heroine living in the eighth century with the character of Akkız, knows how precious this role is.

The actress, who gained great popularity with the character of Reyyan in the Hercai series, which lasted for 3 seasons, was thinking of resting after intense shooting. However, the actress was persuaded to return to the sets when it became a role that could not come easily like Destan. Ebru Şahin, who put forward a successful performance with Edip Tepeli and Selim Bayraktar in the lead role, also receives great support from her fans.

Atv’s ambitious Destan series lagged behind the Kanal D series Üç Kız Kardeş (Three Sisters) in the Tuesday competition. The falling ratings of the series, which no longer claim to be the first, can also be a serious problem. Ebru Şahin received and continues to receive intensive training for very effective fight scenes.

Her fans appreciate the efforts of the actress, who tries to try a different figure in each scene. There is a bitterness in the series Destan due to the decreasing ratings and decreasing viewer interest in recent weeks. The development that gave morale to Ebru Şahin came from her lover Cedi Osman.

Cedi Osman, who has been in the United States where he played basketball for a while and was separated from his lover, made a surprise visit to the set of the series Destan. While Ebru Şahin shared her happiness on social media, the couple’s fans also shared thousands of shares on social media.

Ebru Şahin, who was very pleased with the support of the set, must have regained her morale, which has deteriorated with the falling ratings. The love of Cedi Osman and Ebru Şahin also receives great support from the fans, and the couple’s wedding, which is expected to be held in the summer, is also eagerly awaited.

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