The emotional scene from Engin Akyürek in The Ambassador's Daughter!
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29 March 2023 17:12


The emotional scene from Engin Akyürek in The Ambassador’s Daughter!

The Ambassador’s Daughter broadcast on Star TV, was on the screen on Monday evening with its 31st episode this week. There was a surprising development in the series starring Neslihan Atagül and Engin Akyürek. Despite all the pain and obstacles they went through, while waiting for Nare and Sancar to get married, Nare gave up at the last minute. This abandonment turned into such a stage with a long silence but with Engin Akyürek’s successful acting that shook the social media.

Some of the audience who watched the series broke the hearts of many viewers when Nare told that Sancar had the ring on the henna night, just before the wedding, but the subject of the scene was Engin Akyürek’s acting.

In the comments where some viewers referred to the acting of these two successful names by saying “Good health to those who make Neslihan and Engin partners”, attention was drawn to the scene in which Engin Öztürk plays with his eyes without saying a word, especially in the last scene.

Sancar, who came to take Nare to the henna night, first asked why she was still not wearing it. Nare did not answer, but Sancar did not say anything during that long glance, and such expressions were formed on his face that the audience praised Engin Akyürek’s acting at this point.

Akyürek had successfully transferred the intensity of emotion in that scene to the audience by playing with his gestures. Perhaps instead of dozens of sentences to be written, he conveyed all the emotions he experienced with those expressions on his face without needing to speak.

There are many comments about the scene on social media such as “Engin Akyürek, you are a magnificent detail, we did not know how to praise it, our lungs were shattered”.

Those who understood Nare in that scene that pervades the audience’s heart, found it right instead of being angry with him. Although they are sad about Sancar’s situation, they interpret the words “When I heal my wounds, I’ll take the ring back from you” while giving Nare’s ring is a very impressive sentence.

Here is that scene:

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