Series News The emotional trailers of the Dilek Taşı series are very effective!

The emotional trailers of the Dilek Taşı series are very effective!


The new promotion of the new series of Kanal D, Dilek Taşı (Wishing Stone), which is prepared to appear before the audience on Thursday, September 7, has been released. The promotion, where emotional scenes met with the audience, increased the curiosity about the series.

The new promotion of Dilek Taşı was once again talked about a lot. The promotion, which takes place in Istanbul of the 80s and describes the depressive times of the period with all its realism, received great acclaim as soon as it was published.

The sentence “These walls, these bars, these iron doors are not enough to separate a father and his daughter…” in the promotion touched everyone’s heart.

Produced by Pastel Film and produced by Yaşar İrvül and Efe İrvül, Dilektaşı is directed by Altan Dönmez.

The leading roles of the series, which will be talked about with its strong production; Shared by Salih Bademci, Hazal Subaşı and Ozan Dolunay.

Successful names such as Perihan Savaş, Özge Özberk, Teoman Kumbaracıbaşı, Elif Doğan, Çiçek Dilligil, Engin Yüksel, Afra Karagöz take part in the series, which is about a story set in the 1980s. The script of the series is written by Can Sinan.

Dilek Taşı, which is talked about with its drama-filled scenario and successful cast, starts on Thursday, September 7 on Kanal D.