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16 May 2022 17:54


The event that infuriated the audience in the Kaderimin Oyunu

Kaderimin Oyunu (My Destiny’s Game), which aired on Star TV on Friday evenings, secured the second episode due to good international sales, even though its ratings were lower than expected. That’s why the audience of the series is comfortable as there is no worry about “will it be the finale”. However, there is a detail in the story of the series that is driving the audience crazy, which is being voiced on social media.

There is a process in which secrets begin to emerge in the series, which came to the screen with its 14th episode this week and starring Akın Akınözü, Öykü Karayel and Sarp Apar. The secrets of the characters, who have been in deadlock since the beginning of the story, are pouring out one by one!

The series signed by NGM Media is a production that impresses its audience with its emotionally charged scenes. However, at the same time, with the fame that Akın Akınözü, one of the actors of the series, gained in the domestic and abroad with the Hercai series, the interest in the series is also high.

Kaderimin Oyunu, which has average ratings, is also on the agenda in social media. The series, which is acclaimed with its story and actors, has caught a bone audience. The thing that the followers of the series are most curious about is that the past between Asiye and Cemal never comes to light!

The fact that the situation of Asiye and Cemal, who has two children, is still not understood in the series, has become an increasingly annoying subject for the audience! As the series progresses on social media, critical messages are seen as a result of the disappointment of the viewers who are waiting eagerly for this issue to emerge.

In the series in which Akın Akınözü plays the character of Cemal, he draws the criticism arrows of some viewers! The fact that Asiye still feels close to Cemal, who left her with her two children, despite all she did, was a situation that drew the reaction of the audience.

The audience was so angry with Cemal that “Come on, Helin, let him see Cemal on the street without a penny, don’t do it in vain at home. You deserve better, go to the one who appreciates it.” He even made comments.

There are reactions from the audience to what Cemal and Asiye did. The followers of the series, who call out to the screenwriter, are constantly criticizing that the truth should come out.

The audience no longer finds it realistic that everyone knows everything but Asiye never tells Mahir the true identity of Cemal, and they say that this situation makes it more and more annoying while watching the series.

It is not known what kind of path the screenwriter will follow, but in the social media comments, the demands of the audience that the truth should come out are increasing. The revolt has begun against the sometimes infuriating scenes of the series due to the revolving around the same subjects!

The dose of reactions to the series of Kaderemin Oyunu is increasing until the truth is revealed! Especially There is also a reaction from the audience to the situation of the character of Mahir, played by Sarp Apak! Criticism that a good character is wasted also draws attention!

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