The events in the series My Home My Destiny surprise
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3 February 2023 19:58


The events in the series My Home My Destiny surprise

TV8’s popular TV series My Home My Destiny was one of the productions that left its mark on 2020. The partnership of İbrahim Çelikkol and Demet Özdemir gave good results. The harmonious versions of the duo passed to the audience and managed to hold onto the screen with their ratings.

However, the coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected the My Home My Destiny series, as in other productions. The series only aired 12 episodes and completed the first season. As a precaution, the team created a stock by shooting the first 4 episodes from season 2. Fear of the second wave of pandemic pushes the series to stock work.

Engin Hepileri, who gave life to the character of Faruk in My Home My Destiny series, is relieving the tiredness of the season with his wife Beyza Şekerci and son Can in his summer residence in Urla, Izmir. As you may remember, all of them joined the Love and Secrets series on ATV in the past year, and continued to work with an intense tempo by switching to the My Home My Destiny series without seeing the final in this production.

In his statement in the newspaper Posta, Engin Hepileri drew attention to the real-life-inspired story of the series My Home My Destiny. “Is it more enjoyable for the actor to play a story with experience or a good fiction?” Answering the question, the famous actor said:

“The feedback the character gives to the player determines this situation. Sometimes a real story can be more interesting and unimaginable than fiction. There are many elements in our story that will say, “Come on, dear, things don’t happen in real life.” But it happened. This is a more surprising and compelling story than a fiction. ”

Describing that they strive to remain true to the essence of the story, the actor mentioned that they had a very strong drama. Engin Hepileri also gave an important message saying, “Man should not forget where he came from, but he should not count where he is”.

There is also an important detail about the ideal male profile in the My Home My Destiny series, which has been carefully prepared and inspired by real events. Engin Hepileri opened this issue with these words: “The ‘ideal man’ profile we will see in the first episodes will change and deepen. I think that every character I play must have a journey that the audience will follow. Faruk is also a man with a journey. ”

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