The excitement is high in the Alparslan series, the fans of Barış Arduç and Fahriye Evcen are back to work!
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5 December 2022 08:35


The excitement is high in the Alparslan series, the fans of Barış Arduç and Fahriye Evcen are back to work!

Alparslan is one of the most curious series of the 2021-2022 season. Great preparations are being made for the Alparslan project, which is the continuation of Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu. In addition to these preparations on the set of the series, fans also took action on social media.

On the specially created plateau, the teams are preparing the venues intensively. It is among the information that there is a great effort in the background of the series on many issues from costumes to accessories. Social media support for the Alparslan series is also very strong… You can also see the great excitement of the audience for the series on social media platforms. Many TV series fans prepare mise en scene with photos of Barış Arduç and Fahriye Evcen. With these efforts, both interest and excitement in the series have increased.

At the end of August, the Alparslan series team will come together and the shooting will begin. Director Çağatay Tosun accelerated his preparations for the set, where Emre Konuk worked meticulously. Tosun had recently directed the TV series called Ramo and produced a very successful action business.

We will watch the story of the Great Seljuk ruler Sultan Alparslan in the Alparslan TV series. The choice of Barış Arduç for this role was also a very important decision. Viewers are happy with this decision. Arduç has been taking horse riding lessons for his new role for a while and he is preparing himself for the role with martial training.

In addition, Fahriye Evcen’s decision to return to the screen with the Alparslan series after 4 years was received very positively by her fans. Evcen also started to receive training for her new role.

Fahriye Evcen, who took her vacation and started preparations for her new role, will also return to the screen.

It is also stated that the series has a large cast. New names are added to the roster every day. Some of the names in the cast, in which Uygar Özçelik, whom we watched in the latest “Arıza” series, also joined, are as follows:

“Mehmet Özgür, Mim Kemal Öke, Erdinç Gülener, Barış Bağcı, Burak Şafak, Korel Algerian, Gizem Karaca, Zeynep Özder, Esila Umut and Ferit Kaya.”

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