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19 August 2022 12:50


The expected news from Disney Plus’s Nomen series starring Halit Ergenç has arrived!

Famous actor Halit Ergenç, who has not been on the screen for a long time, is preparing for the shooting of the TV series Nomen, which is expected to be one of the ambitious productions of Disney Plus, which entered the Turkish market a while ago. It was learned that Halit Ergenç, who is also the brand ambassador of Disney Plus, which opened on June 14, will play in the Nomen series after the curious wait of his fans who miss him.

The new series of the actor is eagerly awaited. New developments about the series began to emerge. Lastly, Halit Ergenç, who played in the Babil TV series, will appear before the audience with a digital project this time. The beloved actor answered questions about whether he has a new project in the past months, and that there is no clarity yet.

It is said that the actor, whose name has been known for a while in the Nomen series of Disney Plus, will give life to an extraordinary character in the series, where it is said that he has an extraordinary story. It is stated that the player has started preparations for the eagerly awaited series.

It is coming to the agenda that the work on the series has accelerated and action has been taken to start the shooting. The fact that Halit Ergenç will appear in front of the camera again after the Babil TV series, which he last played in 2020, brought along a curious wait for those who want to watch the master actor.

It is said that the actor started preparations for his new role. It is stated that the actor participated in the rehearsals after accepting the offer.

The series tells the story of a man who made a telepathic agreement with his wife after the invention he made after his wife was in a coma. Songül Öden and Melis Sezen will also accompany Halit Ergenç in the lead role.

The Nomen series, whose story Zafer Külünk wrote, is a project that Disney Plus attaches great importance to. It is stated that the preliminary preparations for the series, which is stated to have joined the cast of Deniz Türkali, are about to be completed and the shooting will begin soon.

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