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18 August 2022 14:11


The farewell words to Fahriye Evcen, the partner of Barış Arduç, who left the Alparslan series, drew attention!

Alparslan, the popular period TV series on TRT1 screens, made its season finale with its 27th episode broadcast on Monday, May 30. After the developments that upset the viewers of the series, the interest in the second season increased. Fahriye Evcen, who gave life to the character of Akça Hatun in the series, wanted to leave, so the character died and left the story.

Fahriye Evcen came to the fore with allegations that she did not want to take part in the second season of the series, thinking that she could not take care of her son Karan enough due to the intense working conditions. Despite the efforts of Emre Konuk, the owner of Akli Film, the production company of the series, to discourage her from this decision, the actress did not change her decision.

Fahriye Evcen had a highly acclaimed partnership with Barış Arduç in the period drama. While the actress successfully brought the character to life, she also upset the audience with her decision to leave the series. The actress also had the opportunity to take part in the term project, albeit in different TV series, with her husband Burak Özçivit.

Fahriye Evcen, who was missed by the audience for not being on the screen for a long time, won the audience’s appreciation with her acting again. She successfully gave life to the character of Akça Hatun. She was among the names that put great effort into the series.

With the death of Akça Hatun in the season finale, it became clear that the actress would not continue in the second season. Despite all the insistence, the actress did not give up her decision to leave. Trying hard to persuade Evcen, producer Emre Konuk said goodbye to Fahriye Evcen with a social media message…

The compliments in Emre Konuk’s words about Fahriye Evcen attracted attention. Similar farewell words came from Barış Arduç. Emre Konuk said goodbye to Evcen with the following words: “Infinite thanks to the precious Fahriye Evcen, who added value to our project with her nobility and decency. “Akça” would be incomplete without it. It’s ok with her. She gave life to the character of Akça, who represents all our saintly women who have devoted themselves to the country and the state and sacrificed everything for this cause in our history.

Barış Arduç also said goodbye to Fahriye Evcen, with whom he was in front of the camera for a season, on his Instagram account. The words chosen by the actor were also remarkable. To Fahriye Evcen, “Thousands of thanks for your discipline, dedication, sincerity and spirit and companionship. Good luck”, Barış Arduç dropped the note.

Revealing his partner’s discipline, selfless work and sincere attitude on the set, Barış Arduç states that he is also happy to take a role together. It is understood from these words that the two actors have established a very sincere friendship behind the camera…

In the meantime, Barış Arduç received another farewell message from the actor due to the departure of Toprak Sergen, who gave life to Kekavmenos, the sole proprietor of the city of Ani in the series. Barış Arduç told Toprak Sergen, “Thank you very much for your tremendous contribution and wonderful energy. It wouldn’t have happened without you, master” and said goodbye…

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