Artists News The fate of Gökhan Alkan and Sevda Erginci may be similar to Alp Navruz and Sinem Ünsal!

The fate of Gökhan Alkan and Sevda Erginci may be similar to Alp Navruz and Sinem Ünsal!


The last thing we saw was the TV series Senden Önce (Before You), starring Alp Navruz and Sinem Ünsal, where some TV series featuring important actors of the last period were canceled due to low ratings.

After receiving low ratings, it turned out that Kanal D did not want to continue the series, and it was reported to the press that the 3rd episode of the Senden Önce series, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, February 27, will also be the finale. However, fans of Alp Navruz and Sinem Ünsal were expecting a very impressive story and strong ratings.

Especially the fact that Alp Navruz has appeared in very influential TV series so far and made the right choices was a matter of relief for his fans. It has now been seen that TV series starring Alp Navruz may end with an early finale. Sinem Ünsal is one of the fast-rising actresses of recent years and her fans were very hopeful for this new series.

The fact that the TV series Senden Önce will have its finale is a result of the poor performance in the ratings. The possibility of a similar situation occurring in the TV series Kül Masalı (Ash Tale), which has just started on TRT1, comes to mind.

This love series, starring Gökhan Alkan and Sevda Erginci, meets the audience on the public broadcaster TRT1. If it were on a private channel, perhaps the possibility of an early finale for the Kül Masalı series, with its low ratings, would be discussed.

However, viewers, who know well that TRT1 gives their productions a longer period of time, have hope that they can stay on the screen for at least 13 episodes.

The ratings in the first episode were quite low and the viewers who had high hopes for the Kül Masalı series were greatly disappointed. There was an expectation that the ratings would increase in the second episode.

While there is a decrease in the all persons category, there is a slight increase in the AB and ABC1 categories. However, it is not possible to speak positively when it is obvious that the series has not even reached 2 ratings yet.

Since the series of Alp Navruz and Sinem Ünsal was broadcast on Kanal D, a private channel, it was not surprising that the early final decision was made.

However, TRT1 is not expected to make such a quick decision for the Kül Masalı series. However, it seems that it will be possible for the series to continue until the end of the season with these ratings.

Of course, it is necessary to remind that it will not be clear what TRT1 will do with the changes that will occur in the coming weeks.