The first clue from the highly anticipated new series of Hande Erçel!
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3 February 2023 17:32


The first clue from the highly anticipated new series of Hande Erçel!

Fans have been waiting for a long time about how the famous actress Hande Erçel will take part in a project after her agreement with Disney Plus. It has been spoken for a while that different scenarios have been proposed and negotiations have been held for Erçel, who is planned to take the lead role in a new digital series.

The actress also announced that she is continuing the negotiations. Hande Erçel said, “I am spending time with my family, waiting for a project. I have good things, good meetings” and said that there is no clear project yet. However, it turned out that the actor, who is in talks on several projects, has the possibility to play a mermaid.

In her interview, when the reporter asked about the claim that there is a project in which she will portray a mermaid, Erçel said, “It is not clear information yet. She didn’t deny the claim by saying, “I haven’t said anything like that yet.”

On the contrary, she gave an answer that suggested that there might be such a project.

It is understood that the famous actress has discussed some scenarios in which such a project is in front of her, but no decision has been made yet. Hande Erçel said, “There are a few projects we are talking about right now, they will be clarified as soon as possible, I hope good things will happen.”

It is understood that Hande Erçel, whose fans are eagerly waiting for her new project, has not yet been clarified, but there may be good news in the near future.

The actress, who wanted to go to America and receive training in acting, cited health problems as the reason why she could not do this.

Explaining that she expects health in 2023, the actor said, “I wish everyone a healthy, peaceful, enjoyable year to their heart’s content.”

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