Series News The first episode of Sana Söz on Star TV started badly in the ratings!

The first episode of Sana Söz on Star TV started badly in the ratings!

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A new one has been added to Star TV’s misfortunes regarding TV series. Sana Söz started with its first episode on Tuesday evening, but the ratings came far below expectations. As of the first episode of the series, we can say that the screen has made a bad start.

The detective series Sana Söz, starring Nehir Erdoğan and Erkan Petekkaya, attracted attention with its exciting scenes. It was expected that the series, which brought the rivalry of Ömer and Elif characters to solving a murder case, would get much better results.

The series, which was first announced to be broadcast on Friday evenings, was later moved to Wednesdays. Finally, it is thought that this indecision in the series, which was announced to start on Tuesday, also affected the audience.

There are also many viewers who are confused about when the Sana Söz series will start. For this reason, it would be healthier to look at the results of the second part and evaluate it in that way.

However, the ratings were not good as of the first episode. Ratings that are well below the average can be described as disappointment in a sense.

Sana Söz series ranked 10th in the category of all people. The series finished the day 16th in the EU and 11th in ABC1.

The results of the second episode of the series, which will air next week, will provide more data to judge its future. It should also be considered that the confusion of the audience about the broadcast date caused the first episode to be so low.