The first episode of the Mahkum series will start very exciting!
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1 February 2023 12:05


The first episode of the Mahkum series will start very exciting!

Fox TV’s new series, Mahkum, begins… You can watch the first episode of the series on Tuesday, December 14 at 20.00. Adapted from the South Korean TV series Innocent Defendant, Mahkum has an effective story.

What will happen in the first episode of the series starring Onur Tuna, Seray Kaya, İsmail Hacıoğlu and Melike İpek Yalova has been revealed. The series will start on Tuesday evening with an exciting episode, but the actual broadcast day is Thursday. The second episode of the Mahkum series will be broadcast on Thursday, December 16, and in the following weeks, new episodes will be on the screen on Thursday evenings.

The series begins with a very effective episode… The audience is waiting with excitement. After the strong messages given with the trailers, the Mahkum series seems to affect a wide audience. Here are all the details about what will happen in the first episode:

Fırat Bulut, an honorable public prosecutor; He takes on the file of femicide committed by Barış Yesari, son of Yesariler, one of the most powerful families in Turkey.

Trying to cover up the murder he committed with the power he got from his family, Barış comes face to face with a prosecutor like Fırat, who he has never seen before. The danger of the Euphrates grows as it grows, and Barış is squeezed into a corner.

No matter what happens, the life of Fırat, who does not let go of the file, turns into a nightmare overnight. He wakes up in prison on the morning of the night they celebrate his birthday with his wife Zeynep and daughter Nazlı.

She is on trial as the murder suspects of Zeynep and her daughter Nazlı. But Fırat does not remember anything retrospectively.

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