The first post-birth post from Özge Özpirinçci!
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29 November 2022 10:49


The first post-birth post from Özge Özpirinçci!

Famous actress Özge Özpirinçci got her daughter, whom she had been very excited about for months. The famous actress, who gave birth the previous day, gave birth to a healthy son. Özge Özpirinçci, who is married to Burak Yamantürk, had previously attracted attention by saying that she wanted to name her daughter Üzüm.

When this name got a reaction from many people, including her husband, the actrezz explained that they would make the decision after the birth of the baby. Burak Yamantürk stated that he gave the name Mercan after the birth of his daughter.

Her husband Burak Yamantürk stated that Özge Özpirinçci experienced a short shock after the birth and got used to her baby in a short time.

Burak Yamantürk said that everyone, including his family members, cried after Mercan was born, and stated that his wife’s control over the baby was also very professional.

Özge Özpirinçci, who got used to motherhood in a short time, also shared her first social media post.

The actress gave a meaningful message in her Instagram account:

“We have decided to keep Mercan’s cord blood for her future.”

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