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4 July 2022 07:50


The first season for the Barbaroslar series was not complete, hopes remained for the second season!

The TRT1 TV series named Barbaroslar will bid farewell to its audience with its 32nd episode on Thursday, May 26. The first season of the show is complete. Despite the low ratings, TRT1 gave approval for the second season and preparations began.

The series, which was prepared a year before it started broadcasting and was shot by a very large technical team, would leave its mark on the 2021-2022 season, according to the initial thought. It was expected to be a story that would garner ratings, amaze millions of viewers, and quickly spread around the world.

However, all these goals were not realized. Because the Barbaroslar series was not as effective as expected, but it was still embraced by a large audience. Now is the time to complete the deficiencies and work to achieve the same goals all over again.

Maybe Barbaroslar will say goodbye to the screen with its 32nd episode, but the team will be busy working for the second season. Both the script and the production team have to create a much stronger series for the upcoming period. The biggest expectation of the audience in the new season is that there will be more powerful and realistic sea scenes.

It is expected that the Barbaroslar will undergo a major change and achieve much more successful results on the screen in the second season compared to the first season… Of course, important names such as Pelin Akil and Engin Altan Düzyatan will not be in the squad next season.

The break for the new period in the Barbaroslar series, where Ulaş Tuna Astepe will assume more responsibility, was very good. You will find effective scenes in the 32nd episode on Thursday, May 26. In the season finale, Barbaroslar is waiting for its loyal viewers to the TRT1 screen again.

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