The first surprise for Hande Soral, who is on her stomach, came from her sports coach!
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4 February 2023 11:17


The first surprise for Hande Soral, who is on her stomach, came from her sports coach!

Famous Actress Hande Soral is currently experiencing the excitement of her baby to be born. The belly of the actress, who got married in 2017 with her colleague İsmail Demirci, has grown! The couple recently learned the gender of their baby.

With a small party, they had learned that they would have a son with their loved ones. The excitement of the couple Hande Soral and İsmail Demirci is increasing. Because there are 3 months left until the birth of Hande Soral.

On January 4, the actress announced that she had entered the 19th week. Hande Soral’s 6-month-old son, who is about to finish the 23rd week, has started to show herself well.

Hande Soral does not leave her fans wondering by making frequent posts on her social media account. She had shared the following with her sister Bensu Soral, who loved her growing belly in the past days…

The actress, which her followers watch with interest, continues to give good news to her fans by sharing every aspect of her. Hande Soral, who is in good health, also shares about how she eats…

In addition, the actress, who did not quit sports despite being pregnant, switched to a controlled diet because she gained too much weight a while ago. Hande Soral’s latest post shows that her belly has grown even more. Soral, who was born on February 2, 1987, also shared the pose she gave with the cake she made with the hands of her sports coach.

The fact that the actress has a generally fit appearance despite her growing belly is also an indication that she gains weight in a healthy way and how much attention she pays to her nutrition.

Soral also stated that the sports coach was the first to celebrate her birthday with the words “early birthday cake”. Hande Soral, who also made a humorous note such as “Can we eat all of them?”, seems to be very happy with this beautiful surprise…

Here is one of Hande Soral’s last poses…

Hande Soral also shared a pose she took with her twin sisters Bedirhan and Bensu Soral. She also conveyed her thanks for the birthday messages from her fans…

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