The footsteps of a dangerous love are rising in The Ambassador's Daughter
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27 November 2022 16:06


The footsteps of a dangerous love are rising in The Ambassador’s Daughter

In the new episode of The Ambassador’s Daughter, which was screened on Star TV on Monday nights, there was a development that attracted the attention of the audience. While everyone was locked in the love of Sancar and Nare in the series that aired its 30th episode, Gediz’s platonic love for Nare emerged. Within this triangle, the audience was also divided into Nare and Gediz, and Nare and Sancar.

This issue, which has turned into a vicious circle in social media for a while, has gained a new dimension! In fact, the convergence of a duo, which no one expected and did not think much, confused their confusion, even if for now, they did not go beyond merging with the same goal!

There are many obstacles to the love of Sancar and Nare, played by Engin Akyürek and Neslihan Atagül in the TV series The Ambassador’s Daughter, and it continues to emerge. But somehow the love of the two manages to overcome the obstacles.

Recently, Gediz, who is madly jealous of Nare, has been among those who have tried to put a spike in this happiness. The fact that Gediz, who inevitably has been reduced to the position of “bad guy”, disturbs the audience.

But a development seems to lead Gediz to even more dire situations! At least, the audience’s comments on social media are in this direction. Akın’s brother Sahra, who has just entered the series, seems to confuse Gediz!

In the last episode, the slight flirtation of the two characters attracted attention. It is not known whether the dangerous rapprochement of this duo, whose humor styles are similar as well as the Sahra’s suddenly kissing Gediz and her jerking, will go to love, but the audience has already begun to associate it!

Deniz Işın brought a different excitement with the character of Sahra. I guess not only for the audience, but also for Gediz! Despite the burning of Gediz with the love of Nare, it is seen that the Sahra began to draw his attention. Sahara and Gediz, who at least shared enemies, began to emerge as an interesting couple. In the new episode, Gediz, who went to take the Sahra from the house where he stayed with Violet, got an unexpected kiss from the Sahra.

Unlike the dark side, Saara, who is a crazy, cheerful, energetic personality on one side, could have thrown the audience as a perfect couple with Gediz.

Nevertheless, positive comments come from the followers of this duo, whose goals are common. The audience also states that they had a lot of fun in the stages of Sahra and Gediz, which they already call SahGer.

Nare and Sancar love started to bore the audience. The audience, bored with the return of the same situations, seems to have found a new entertainment with Sahra and Gediz!

Here are some of the episodes of Sahra and Gediz that were appreciated by the audience and some of the comments:

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