The fourth series of Show TV is on its way to the final!
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3 December 2022 15:39


The fourth series of Show TV is on its way to the final!

Show TV is having a lot of trouble this season because of the serials… The channel management, which put an end to all its old series with the month of June, has created new series one after the other.

Productions titled Cam Tavanlar and Kahraman Babam were broadcast in the summer and only 8 episodes each continued. After this defeat, the series İçimizden Biri met with the audience in the winter season. However, low ratings were achieved again and the series ended with the 6th episode.

The productions of Aziz and Üç Kuruş, prepared by Show TV for the new season, are eagerly awaited, but the Yalancı series, which has great expectations, is on its way to the final.

Although the Yalancı series was good in the AB group for a while, we can now say that it is in a serious decline in all categories. The sixth episode of the series, starring the duo of Salih Bademci and Burçin Terzioğlu, was released and the ratings shocked everyone.

Finishing the day in 16th place is not an acceptable situation for Show TV, especially as a result of the very low rates in the category of all people.

In addition, due to the low rates in the ABC1 group, the series finished the day in 11th place.

In the past weeks, the Yalancı TV series had a serious setback in the EU group, where it won the second place. In fact, this was a development that explained that the series started to enter the final path…

In the EU category, the series finished the day in fifth place and the ratings also fell below average. In other words, Show TV’s great hopes for the Yalancı series have not come true for now.

Yalancı is a project that can continue for a while. However, if Show TV management takes a new step, it is obvious that the blood loss in the series will continue.

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