Series News The Fox TV series The Taçsız Prenses increases the pain after the earthquake disaster!

The Fox TV series The Taçsız Prenses increases the pain after the earthquake disaster!


İsmail Hacıoğlu and Sümeyye Aydoğan take the lead roles in the TV series Taçsız Prenses (Crownless Princess), which is broadcast on Fox TV on Tuesday evenings. While the harmony of the two actors received valid notes from many viewers, the details that disturb the audience regarding the story of the series become more prominent with each passing week.

The message given through the character of Taçsız Prenses, played by the little actress Elif Kurtaran, began to disturb many viewers. Elif Kurtaran is very successful in her role, but many viewers have started to react to the way the script is handled and the way that a small child is constantly being persecuted.

The story told in the series has its share in the realities of life, but in an environment where more than 40 thousand people died and many children lost their lives like an earthquake, the image in the Taçsız Prenses TV series became even more disturbing.

During the earthquake, we also saw children who gave the money in their piggy bank to earthquake victims, and there were also children who did not want to accept a wafer so that another child could eat it.

In this environment, where we experience many similar examples, the psychology of the audience feels uncomfortable when they see the Masal character in the Taçsız Prenses series.

There are many viewers who say that they have watched the series before, but are now uncomfortable with the portrayal of evil through a child.

Maybe these are examples in the reality of life, but after seeing the situation of the children who were devastated by a disaster such as an earthquake and the hearts of other children to help them, it is necessary to see the fact that the Masal character in the Taçsız Prenses series created an emotional break in the audience.

5 episodes left behind in the Taçsız Prenses series. The 6th new episode will air on Tuesday, February 28th. However, judging by the comments made on social media in recent days, if the course of the series’ story does not change quickly, revealing evil through children will continue to disturb the audience, no matter how much it corresponds to in real life.