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12 August 2022 12:53


The good news of the new season has come from Burak Deniz, who is waiting for the Şahmaran series!

Fans who miss Burak Deniz are eagerly awaiting the news from the Netflix project called Şahmaran. The team will start working again in the summer for the second season of the series, the first season of which was shot last year. The series, starring Serenay Sarıkaya and Burak Deniz duo, has a mystical story.

For the second season of the TV series Şahmaran, which will be shot in Adana, the team is scheduled to go to the set in August. Burak Deniz is also waiting for the Şahmaran project. The actor, who is one of the screen faces of Disney Plus, also took part in the commercial and is expected to be shared soon.

Burak Deniz talked about the developments regarding the Şahmaran series with the following words: “Second season will start, it looks like we will start in August. For now, I am taking short vacations and resting at home.”

Seranay Sarıkaya pointed to the month of October or November regarding the release date of the series Şahmaran, which is eagerly awaited on Netflix. However, it was understood by the words of Burak Deniz that no clear information was shared by the publisher.

Burak Deniz said, “We don’t have any information either. Netflix has a time, the preparation process. I have no knowledge,” he said.

Burak Deniz, explaining that he will take a rest and take short vacations until the shooting of the TV series Şahmaran, also gave an important message about the TV series.

Burak Deniz, who starred in the Maraşlı series with Alina Boz last year, wishes to be on television for the new season as well.

The actor said, “There are some plans, how many of them come true, you can’t see the next 3 months.”

With these words, Burak Deniz explained that there are some offers but there is no clear situation yet.

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