The great success of our story series has been registered!
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27 November 2022 14:11


The great success of our story series has been registered!

Our Story series was adapted from Shameless. The English series Shameless is known worldwide for its American version. However, one of the most successful adaptations was the Our Story series.

Our Story series, which started to reach more countries and viewers than the American version, has once again registered this success.

Much more than the original, the Turkish version became a production that influenced the world. Here’s adaptation of the success of Turkey, Fatih Aksoy producer set up a team of the best players and the scenario was also very effective in the right spot to devise.

Our Story series started broadcasting now in the South American country of Chile. The series, which includes 3 important names such as Hazal Kaya, Burak Deniz and Reha Özcan, is expected to be watched in this country.

Our Story series with 70 episodes on screen, in Chile It will be released under the name “Amor de familia”.

Monday, April 27, today is the first meeting with the audience in Chile.

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