The great success of What's Fatmagül's Crime? series
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5 December 2022 08:47


The great success of What’s Fatmagül’s Crime? series

Our 5 series abroad attracts great attention to coronavirus days! The whole world is undergoing great changes due to coronavirus pandemics. The television industry also released ready, immediately broadcast content during this period. Turkish TV series previously broadcasted in different countries of the world meet the audience again.

The most important reason for the increased interest in Turkish series is that it can be broadcast immediately. Kerim Emrah Tuna, who is the head of Kanal D International, gave details about the most popular series.

What’s Fatmagül’s Crime? series, which has been happening in every country it has been broadcasted until today, is a source of pride for the Turkish series. There is always this series in the head corner. Because it gets successful results in every country it is published.

Kerim Emrah Tuna speaking, Sina Street Koloğlu Milliyet writer drew attention to the following details: “Kanal D series library, Turkey’s arguably the most wealthy. One of those corners What’s Fatmagül’s Crime?”

Amazon is also developing its digital platform. Kanal D TV series also debuted on Amazon Prime. 5 Turkish TV series were requested by Amazon Prime.

Successful works of the past will support the export of the series in the new period. In addition to What’s Fatmagül’s Crime? series; Forbidden Love is still very popular.

There is also an interest in the series starring Ece Uslu and Burcu Kara, who Moment of Farewell series. We learn that there is an interest abroad in the 14th season, Black Streets.

And Ruhtless City… It has not been completed yet, 4 more episodes will be shot. But already 40 country broadcasters want this series.

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