The great war begins in Sadakatsiz! The audience is expected to catch the old excitement again!
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29 November 2022 11:23


The great war begins in Sadakatsiz! The audience is expected to catch the old excitement again!

Kanal D’s TV series Sadakatsiz, which has been watched with enthusiasm since last season, will be the scene of great developments this week. As the tension between Derin and Asya and Aras and Volkan increase, the bells of a new war will ring.

The story of the series, starring Cansu Dere, Melis Sezen and Caner Cindoruk, gained a new dimension with the addition of Berkay Ateş, who plays Aras this season. In the new episode of the Sadakatsiz series, which will be broadcast on Wednesday evening, we will witness that the tension has increased and a new war is about to begin.

The happiness of Asya, who sailed into a new relationship with Aras, was spoiled by Volkan’s game. If Aras was just about to tell Asya that he was married, Volkan acted quickly and told the truth to Asya. Asya, who will never accept being the second woman, also took revenge on Aras.

However, things change in the new episode. Aras takes his revenge by telling Volkan that he will divorce a few days later. Volkan, of course, is very upset by this situation. And he gets very angry and says that he will definitely not let Aras go. On the other hand, Derin is of course very happy that Aras will divorce and their relationship will take a more serious dimension.

Therefore, the bells of a new war are ringing in Sadakatsiz. This will also excite the audience, who find the story of the series very boring for a while.

The series, which was first in the ratings for a long time, lost the leadership last week. This situation was interpreted as the reaction of the audience. When Leyla, Aras’s wife, appeared, Asya suddenly fell into Derin’s position and came to the point of tempting a married man. This caused the reaction of the audience.

In the comments they made on social media, the viewers point out that the scenario of Sadakatsiz was very distorted in the second season and stated that they hoped it would get better as soon as possible. The viewers, who say that Aras’s divorce process will be prolonged for the extension of the series, say that this situation puts Sadakatsiz into the class of a classic Turkish series.

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