Demet Özdemir's biggest dream
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3 October 2022 18:18


Demet Özdemir’s biggest dream

Young actress Demet Özdemir, who won the admiration of large masses with the Daydreamer series, is now observed with admiration for the character of Zeynep, who acts in the drama series My Home My Destiny. Özdemir, who has a successful career despite being only 28 years old, is actually a name that has reached this point by working hard.

Born in 1992 in Kocaeli, the actress came to Istanbul at a young age, when her parents left her. In fact, many people are not aware of this aspect of Demet Özdemir, who started taking dance lessons at the age of 16. Although he occasionally shares videos of her dancing in a studio on her social media account, many people are unaware that she has been seriously educated and passionate in the past.

The actress went live on Instagram last night (Tuesday, October 13) for Pantene’s social responsibility project, which she has been announcing for some time. Ayşe Arman spoke to Demet Özdemir. First, the actress broadcast the campaign she was in.

Affirming that they are with women who are fighting cancer and have lost their hair due to the treatment process, she called on sensitive people to donate wigs.

Later, Demet Özdemir answered Ayşe Arman’s questions sincerely and answered a question about what kind of future she dreams of.

Emphasizing the importance of dreaming and emphasizing that she never stopped dreaming, Demet Özdemir said: “I don’t make long-term plans because all my dreams are sometimes shaped gradually. I say that I dream something like this in the summer, related to my work, then something else … but I can’t imagine it in 10 years ”.

Özdemir is not done with her long-term plans yet, she also loved the fact that she promises to be a dream for girls in Turkey. Demet Özdemir, stating that she wanted to be conducive to bigger things in Turkey, using recognition to go to dance classes, dance training for girls who want to hear a lot, want to provide this service.

The young actress shared her wish as follows: “I want to be instrumental in something else and I want to dance with girls and open a dance school. She did not know dancing in other cities, with girls. I want to see the moment when they were released in my eyes. This is one of my dreams that I most wish to fulfill and that seems to be the most distant. “

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