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18 August 2022 15:16


The harmony of Deniz Işın and İlhan Şen in the TV series Sevmek Zamanı is like two children playing!

ATV’s new series Sevmek Zamanı (Time to Love), produced by Süreç Film and produced by Ali Gündoğdu-İsmail Gündoğdu, became the remarkable story of the summer season and left its mark on Monday evenings.

Ilhan Şen and Deniz Işın, who played Kağan and Firuze, who find themselves in an impossible love in “Sevmek Zamanı”, talked about the series, the interest they received on social media and the source of their harmony in front of the camera.

Deniz Işın, who gave life to the character of Firuze in the series, explained the difference of working with her partner İlhan Şen with these words: “İlhan makes people feel peaceful. It gives a feeling of deadlock, has a calming effect. We have a lot of fun together, the scenes we shoot together are very enjoyable.”

İlhan Şen used the following statements about his partner: “Since we met Deniz before and became friends, we passed the meeting phase and actually started the series. Someone who naturalizes the marine environment. No matter what mood you are in next to Deniz, it reduces you to another natural center. Such is the energy of the sea. You start laughing all of a sudden. Good thing there is.”

İlhan Şen, who also spoke about the interest in the story of Firuze and Kağan on social media, is pleased with the appreciative comments of the audience. The actor said, “If the audience sees the harmony between us, it’s one of the most beautiful things. How we feel is more important than how we look. When we meet in the same feeling center, you meet at a common point. It’s like two kids playing together,” he said.

Deniz Işın said, “Looking beautiful together and feeling that energy is nice and enjoyable. It’s a partnership, it’s a team game,” she commented.

Sevmek Zamanı met with the audience on Monday, July 4th with its third episode.

ATV, on the other hand, decided to make the finale in the fifth episode due to the low ratings of the series. With this decision, the fans of the series experienced great unhappiness.

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