Series News The Innocents returns with a bomb-like incident after the forced break

The Innocents returns with a bomb-like incident after the forced break

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The Innocents series, which is one of the popular TV series of Tuesday evenings, which is broadcast on TRT1 screens, did not appear on the screen in the first week of 2021 with its new episode. TV fans were disturbed by this one-week mandatory hiatus. On Tuesday evenings, they left comments on social media stating that they missed the new episode of the now addictive series.

The Innocents returns with very different and surprising issues after this obligatory break. On Tuesday, January 12, the 17th new episode of the series will be aired. Han and İnci’s marriage is messing up the apartment! A truth will emerge that will destroy İnci’s dreams. So what is this truth?

Adapted from a real life story, The Innocents will again lock the viewers on the screen with its stunning story. What will happen this week in “The Innocents”, whose new episodes are eagerly and excitedly anticipated:

Learning about Han and İnci’s marriage turns Safiye’s world upside down. Han and İnci, unaware of everything, come to the apartment to explain their marriage. However, it is too late for everything. Naci misinterprets Safiye’s re-closure. He searches for a solution to explain himself. But an untimely movement of Gülru confuses everything even more.

When Gülben and the people at home cannot control Safiye, who is on the verge of a new crisis, they seek help from Han. In search of a house to start her new life with Han, İnci learns the truth that will destroy all her dreams.