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9 August 2022 12:50


The interest of foreign fans could not save the TV series Sevmek Zamanı!

The bad ratings of the TV series Sevmek Zamanı (Time To Love), broadcast on ATV screens, and the early final news covering social media, greatly upset the audience. The great interest of Turkish series by broadcasting organizations abroad and the fact that summer series are preferred more in this process encourages television channels to produce one after another.

The fate of the summer series, which foreign TV series fans support more on social media than Turkish viewers, depends on the ratings. There is no official statement yet, but the very low ratings had already revealed such a possibility.

The fact that İlhan Şen and Deniz Işın are a beautiful couple in the TV series Sevmek Zamanı, deeply affecting the audience with their energy, made many fans happy. Especially the fans of the foreign series are eagerly waiting for the continuation of the love between Firuze and Kağan.

While the early final news of the series broke the morale, the fact that the story of Firuze and Kağan, which revealed the strong reflection of love, would be left unfinished was a factor that increased the sadness.

İlhan Şen achieved great popularity with Aşk Mantık İntikam (Love Logic Revenge) after successful projects. Deniz Işın also showed a strong acting with Masumiyet (Innocence) after the Sefirin Kızı (Ambrassador’s Daughter) series and showed that she improved herself with the new series.

Those who like the strong interaction and high harmony of the duo are not at all satisfied with the possibility of saying goodbye to the screen untimely due to the low ratings.

It is also obvious that this effort of social media users who created the tag “Let’s not be the finale of the time to love” will not work.

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