Artists News The interesting story of meeting Murat Aygen’s wife, the Doğan of Yasak Elma, does not look like TV series scenarios!..

The interesting story of meeting Murat Aygen’s wife, the Doğan of Yasak Elma, does not look like TV series scenarios!..

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Famous actor Murat Aygen, who was included in Yasak Elma series on Fox TV with the character of “Doğan” in the new season and was quickly adopted by the audience, has been happily married to actor Nihan Aslı Aygen for 12 years.

The couple, who has a daughter named Nil, shot a ‘Valentine’s Day’ concept shoot for the February issue of Klass Magazine. The famous couple, who posed strikingly for the magazine, also shared their interesting dating stories. Murat Aygen told the story of meeting his wife with these words;

There are times in your life when you are unhappy. At such moments, sometimes a light appears, a lightning strikes. Our meeting was such a moment. There was a project that I wanted to prepare for years. I had my own company employee prepare his ad. It was a stage project.

We wanted to do something different. That project would have two days of auditions. We selected approximately 200 people from the applications received. We gave everyone a 10-minute period. I was really demoralized the first day. Incoming candidates were very unproductive for me. We had a nice jury team. On the second day of the auditions, a girl entered the door at noon. I was shocked when I saw him. Until then, I had never thought of getting married.


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When I saw him, I felt as if my wife had entered. Nihan expressed herself for 10 minutes. I bid him farewell by saying that he passed the first audition. I asked my fellow judges if they had contact information at that time, and I said Nihan would be my future wife. When I got home that night, I couldn’t sleep. The next day, when I saw him again at the second audition, I had the same feelings I had on the first day.

After the third audition, we announced the winners list. Since Nihan Hanım was talented, she was on that list too, and then we started rehearsals. At the second and third rehearsals, I decided to open up to him. ‘You are the mother of my children. I said, ‘We need to get married very urgently.’ At that time his brother was getting married.

I told them to be quick if they wanted to get married before we did. Because I wanted to marry Nihan by the end of that year. They also got married 20 days before us. Since that day, I have never slept apart from him. I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t know him. Maybe I owe my life to him.

Nihan Aygen, on the other hand, expressed her feelings at that moment in the interview she gave to the magazine; “I never thought of such a thing as I was only focused on the audition that day. While we were sitting side by side in the third audition, Murat said ‘Welcome’ and patted my knee. There was a flow of energy between us at that moment.

I felt like something had happened. After I got out of there, I called my mom and asked if you were okay. It turned out that at that moment something happened to me, not to anyone else. Afterwards, when Murat opened his feelings to me, I was very surprised. There was always communication between us during the rehearsals. I was the first to answer his questions. Life somehow connected us.”