The Kalp Yarası series gave a big message with a great rating jump!
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27 March 2023 20:14


The Kalp Yarası series gave a big message with a great rating jump!

It has been stated for some time that one of the best series of the summer screen will be Kalp Yarası. There was also a strong expectation for the series on social media. The ratings of the series, the first episode of which was broadcast on the ATV screen last week, came below expectations. Maybe it made a bad start in the all-person category, but there was great expectation from Kalp Yarası in all categories.

That expectation finally paid off. The second episode of the series starring Gökhan Alkan, Yağmur Tanrısevsin and Merve Çağıran took its place on the screen on the evening of July 5th. The second part was again the story and acting performances, and the atmosphere was great. In return, the audience gave the series a rating jump.

Not only in the category of all people, but also in the groups AB and ABC1, it was revealed with the ratings that the new favorite series of the audience was Kalp Yarası. The ATV series, which won the first place in all categories, made an explosion as expected… The duo of Gökhan Alkan and Yağmur Tanrısevsin also received a passing grade from the audience.

All the people who are well above the average of the series and ABC1 performances are also dazzling. Kalp Yarası, which got much better results than many summer series in the EU, gave the first signs that it will subscribe to first place with its second episode.

It seems that the series will show a strong performance on the screen throughout the summer, but the most important thing is that Kalp Yarası begins to make an unshakable place for itself in the winter season. The series is not a summer project. It will be in a position to drag the audience during the drama production and winter period.

The big leap he experienced with the second episode of the Kalp Yarası series, being the first in all categories, were the first signs that it would continue on its way as a strong series in the winter season.

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