The Last Emperor | Subject - Cast - Trailers - Episodes - Video (Turkish TV Series)
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The Last Emperor | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video (Turkish TV Series)

The Last Emperor is a historical fiction and drama Turkish television series produced by Es Film, directed by Serdar Akar, Emre Konuk and Doğan Ümit Karaca, and written by Uğur Uzunok and Osman Bodur.

The series, published on TRT 1, is the 34th Ottoman Sultan II. It takes place in the last 13 years of Abdülhamid’s reign (1896-1909). The filming of the series was made on the plateau in Izmit. Bülent İnal took the lead role and played the character of Abdülhamid with a perfect performance. Many famous actors took part in the cast of the series and brought important historical characters to life.


Channel: TRT1
Producer: Es Film
Genre: Historical fiction-Drama
Release Date: February 24, 2017
Venue: Izmit
Duration: 130-180 minutes
Music: Yıldıray Gürgen
Starring: Bülent İnal, Özlem Conker, Gürkan Uygun, Hakan Boyav, Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu, Can Sipahi
Cast: Saygın Soysal, Duygu Gürcan, Kaan Turgut, Ezgi Eyüboğlu, Elif Özkul, Gözde Kaya, Ali Nuri Türkoğlu, Cem Uçan, Şakir Güler, İsmail Hakkı Ürün


The social media accounts of the series are actively used. Trailers, photos from the TV series and various information are shared from all accounts. On the broadcast day, the important scenes of the series are published. You can find both short scenes and all episodes and trailers on the Youtube channel.

Official website:


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The Last Emperor series is about the period of Sultan Abdülhamid Han, one of the most curious periods of Ottoman history, when the struggle for existence of the Empire left its mark on the history, and who crowned this difficult process with the title of ‘Great Khan’ by remaining 33 years on the throne in 1876. The series in the historical fiction and drama genre has locked the audience to TRT 1 screens since the first day it was broadcast with its giant cast and story.


The The Last Emperor series brings to the screens the last 13 years of Sultan Abdülhamid Han, who has been on the throne during the period when the Ottoman Empire was the most controversial and when the world set its sights on the Ottoman lands with manipulation moves, and who kept the Empire alive for 33 years with his power and intelligence.
II. The main theme of The Last Emperor, who tells the story of the brave man standing in front of them, while the Western states desire to design the “new century” for themselves within the framework of the events that took place during this 13-year period of Abdülhamid Khan: Struggle!

In 1896, in the TV series The Last Emperor, which carries important events that have marked the period since the 20th anniversary of Sultan Abdulhamid’s sultanate, a war that resulted in the victory of the Ottoman after a long time, the “Greek War” is also featured. With the 1st Zionist Congress, the Palestinian lands requested from the Sultan come to the screen as a period when the Sultan did not give until the end and the enemy left the table in disappointment. Again, another important project that Sultan has been successful in is the Hejaz Railway works and more, among other important historical events in the The Last Emperor series.

The series, which promises to be presented as a gift to the children of a powerful nation and our future history by witnessing the struggle of the country with Sultan Abdulhamid Han, is presented to the audience with the message of the main theme “Struggle!”


Bülent İnal (Abdülhamid II), the 34th Ottoman Sultan, who was the son of Abdulmecid

Özlem Conker (Bidâr Kadın Efendi) II. Abdülhamid’s wife; Mother of Mehmed Abdulkadir Efendi

Gürkan Uygun (Halil Halit Bey) II. Abdülhamid’s man

Hakan Boyav (Mahmud Pasha) An extremely ambitious Ottoman pasha

Bahadır Yenişehirlioğlu (Tahsin Pasha) a statesman devoted to his state and Abdulhamid

Can Sipahi (Prince Abdülkadir) Son of Sultan Abdulhamid and Bidar Kadın Efendi

Saygın Soysal (Theodor Herzl) Jewish journalist and founder of Zionism, a citizen of Austria-Hungary

Duygu Gürcan (Naime Sultan), daughter of Sultan Abdülhamid and Bidar Kadın Efendi

Kaan Turgut (Prince Sabahaddin) Son of Seniha Sultan and Mahmud Pasha

Ezgi Eyüboğlu (Melike-Ahsen) A very emotional Balkan beauty

Elif Özkul (Fehime Sultan), daughter of 33rd Sultan Murad V

Gözde Kaya (Hatice Sultan), daughter of Murad V

Ali Nuri Türkoğlu (Emanuel Karasu) was an Ottoman citizen Jewish lawyer and politician; He was one of the well-known members of the Young Turks

Cem Uçan (Ahmet Celalettin Pasha) is a statesman devoted to his state and Abdülhamid

Şakir Güler (David Grun) is a politician trying to win the friendship of Prince Abdülkadir

İsmail Hakkı Ürün (Commissioner Eşref Aziz) Ottoman Officer known as Desert Eagle


The TV series The Last Emperor is filmed on sets decorated to reflect the Ottoman period at the end of the 1800s, within the Seka Film Set in Izmit. The decoration bears the traces of the elegant and eye-catching architecture of that period. Fictional elements of the period are also included in the same plateau, with some of the rooms belonging to the Yıldız Palace being built exactly. In addition to the Kocaeli Seka Film Plateau, filming takes place in different historical venues in Yalova and Istanbul in Yıldız, Dolmabahçe and Eyüp.


The music of The Last Emperor belongs to Yıldıray Gürgen. The generic music of the series, which mirrors one of the most curious periods of the Ottoman Empire, is as impressive as the series.


The TV series The Last Emperor is sometimes the target of criticism of historians. The famous historian Murat Bardakçı criticized the series that the spelling of almost all of the official documents, letters, maps, etc., which were written in old letters in some scenes and shown according to the script, was wrong.

Murat Bardakçı’s criticism, what do the advisors of “The Last Emperor” do, who is responsible for these defects that are not related to the old spelling, is the reason for not being able to benefit from experts who can write with proper spelling, is it necessary to show the wrongly written documents on the screen as if they are in the eyes of the nation and “I don’t know why it is unimaginable to show it at least in a blurry way.”


The first trailer from the TV series The Last Emperor was released in January 2017 on TRT 1 and the social media accounts of the series. The first images were highly appreciated and aroused the audience’s curiosity. Trailers were broadcast before all subsequent episodes, and the excitement of the audience was increased before the episodes.

First Introduction:

You can find all the published trailers of the The Last Emperor TV series on the youtube channel.

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The 1st season of The Last Emperor series started on Friday, February 24, 2017. The series, which continues with its 5th season in 2020, meets with its audience on TRT 1 screens every Friday at 20:00.
You can watch all episodes of The Last Emperor series on the official Youtube page.


In recent years, Turkish-made TV series have crossed borders and started to attract great attention abroad.

Capital Cities Abdulhamid series of lead actor Bulent Inal, the index for the interest shown in Turkey as well as abroad, ‘We did not realize this until monitored in Doha, the Capital Cities Abdulhamid series. We see the same love from different Arab countries, via social media. Abdulhamid’s admiration, love and fans of the series are increasing day by day. ”


Impressive clips from the scenes of the The Last Emperor TV series were released. These clips were shared on the youtube channel of the series. You can find these video clips below:


Behind-the-scenes footage of the TV series The Last Emperor, shot on a magnificent set set up on the Seka Film Plateau in Izmit, is occasionally broadcast on the youtube channel. In particular, the behind-the-scenes images, which also show how the visual effects are used, stand out.

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