Series News The latest news from the Club series will delight those who are eagerly waiting!

The latest news from the Club series will delight those who are eagerly waiting!


The most striking one among the local productions broadcast on Netflix recently was the Kulüp (Club) series. The Club series caused a great excitement in the process of its publication. The series, which looked at what happened during the events of September 6-7, which was engraved in the history of the Republic of Turkey and remembered with sadness, was also very impressive with its shocking scenes.

Gökçe Bahadır, Salih Bademci, Fırat Tanış, Barış Arduç, Metin Akdülger and Asude Kalebek played roles in the series Club, which was directed by Zeynep Günay Tan and Seren Yüce. The actors, each with their more successful performances than the other, remained on the agenda for days.

The Club series was a production that attracted attention not only in Turkey but also abroad. Those who watched the series were wondering if there would be a second season. It was learned a while ago that the sequel would be filmed, but it was not known when.

Finally, this date has been revealed! Currently, many leading names playing in different TV series are getting ready to come to the set of the Club TV series in July, leaving the set of their season finale or finale series.

6 months after the broadcast of the 03 Medya signed series, good news has arrived! The venues, the streets of Beyoğlu of that period, the costumes and accessories of the actors were specially prepared for the story set in the 50s. The Club series, which has a great effort behind it, was also very popular with its story, and Netflix gave the start for the second season!

The first season consisted of 8 episodes. The second season of the series will start shooting in July, but it is not known how many episodes there are yet. The Club series was talked about for its music as well as its story and acting. Salin Bademci’s singing in the series was the scene that received acclaim.

By the way, it is a question of whether there will be separations in the second season of the series! It is not known whether the squad will be preserved as it is, but there are also new names coming to the agenda. One of these names will be Halil Babür, who attracts attention with the character of Soner, played in the TV series Son Yaz (Last Summer).

The plot of the series was as follows: Matilda (Gökçe Bahadır), who was released from prison for 17 years in Istanbul in the 1950s, tries to establish a relationship with her daughter Raşel (Asude Kalebek), who never knew her. Raşel, who grew up in an orphanage during the years Matilda was in prison, was told another story about her family.

When mother and daughter come face to face, they have difficulty in establishing a relationship. Matilda begins to wonder about her father. At the beginning of each episode of the series, Matilda’s story is told with sections from seventeen years before the narrative time. When Raşel learns the truth from her mother, a solidarity begins between them.