The lead actor in TRT's new series has left!
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27 March 2023 10:01


The lead actor in TRT’s new series has left!

TRT is both preparing new series for the new period and going through a great preparation process for the digital platform… One of the TV series prepared for TRT’s digital platform is Mevlana…

There were unexpected developments in the Mevlana series, which will start shooting in Konya soon. Everyone was surprised when it was revealed that Timuçin Esen, who played the leading role in the Hekimoğlu series and showed a very good performance, left the series. There were reports that the actor, known to have accepted the lead role from the Mevlana project, also visited the plateau in Konya.

Timuçin Esen’s departure from the project, a short time before the shooting, was confusing. It is not yet known who the new lead actor is.

Another change did not go unnoticed. Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan also said goodbye to the Mevlana project. Taylan, who agreed for the character of Zerkubi, had to leave the project because of the intersection with the shooting schedule of his new series Aziz. Incoming information indicates that an agreement was made with Altan Gördüm for the character of Zerkubi.

The Mevlana series, which will start shooting in Konya in the near future, will meet the audience with an impressive production on the new digital channel of TRT.

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