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13 August 2022 06:57


The little Melek of Sefirin Kızı is now making the audience cry in Misafir!

Now every TV series has child actors. Some of these child actors leave the audience’s mouth open with their talents despite their age. One of these child actors is Beren Gençalp.

10-year-old Beren Gençalp, despite her young age, acts like adults. Beren Gençalp had her first acting experience in Sefirin Kızı. Gençalp, who participated in the child actor auditions of the series and successfully passed the first place, played Melek, the daughter of Nare and Sancar.

Beren Gençalp achieved success in her first experience with her performance during the series. The audience of Sefirin Kızı liked this young actress very much thanks to her sympathy.

The young actress is now successfully giving life to the character she portrayed in her second series. Gençalp portrays the childhood of the character of Gece, played by Hazal Kaya in the Misafir TV series.

Gece is a girl who grew up without love. She was born as an unwanted child, and after she was born, her mother never loved her, she saw her as a burden. Growing up next to such a loveless and compassionate woman, Gece has lost faith in all good and beautiful things. Nazan, who thinks that she raised her with great self-sacrifice, sets her mind on taking advantage of her growing daughter and turning her into money. In the end, Gece chooses suicide to get rid of her mother and the troubles she brought to her life. But she can’t because she wants to live deep inside. And the man who meets her on this occasion will change her life and her outlook on life.

Little actress Beren Gençalp brings the audience to tears with her performance while reviving Gece’s childhood.

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