The luck of Özge Yağız, who was disappointed with her two TV series, returned with the TV series Baba!
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29 March 2023 19:31


The luck of Özge Yağız, who was disappointed with her two TV series, returned with the TV series Baba!

Show TV’s new series, Baba, was on the screen with its first episode during the week. Özge Yağız, who appeared in front of the camera with names such as Haluk Bilginer, Tolga Sarıtaş, Ayda Aksel, in the series that will be broadcast on Tuesday evenings, seems to have found the opportunity that she has been waiting for for a long time.

The young actress gives life to the character of Büşra, the daughter of Haluk Bilginer and the sister of Tolga Sarıtaş in the series. Özge Yağız gives life to Büşra, who is saddened by the imprisonment of her older brother, who had an unfortunate marriage and stabbed her husband because of the violence she experienced.

As a young woman who has been subjected to physical and psychological violence, new changes are taking place in Büşra’s life after her older brother comes on holiday leave from prison. Realizing the situation, Büşra gets rid of this problem when her brother Kadir persuades her to move away and divorce her husband.

Özge Yağız became a remarkable character with her role as Büşra in the first episode. Baba series is an ambitious project of Show TV and its preparations have been going on for a long time. After the introductions came to the screen, the audience was also very curious. A completely different reality emerges when the Saruhans, who lead a modest life, crash of a plane and everyone from a family with the same surname dies.

Realizing that their father hid their brother from them for years, the family is put on a great legacy. Their father, however, rejects this legacy. It is a matter of curiosity about what will happen in the next parts of the series, which attracts attention with its first episode. However, Özge Yağız is on the screen with an important role as the daughter of the family in the series, which attracts attention with both its actors and its story.

The young actress appeared in front of the audience in 2016 as a name that has just climbed the career ladder. Yağız first played two seasons in the daily series Adını Sen Koy, then caught a big break in Kanal 7’s Yemin series.

The actress, who is currently preparing for marriage with Gökberk Demirci, who starred in the same series, took the lead role in two more series thanks to the popularity she gained. Although there was great excitement for Sol Yanım and İçimizden Biri, both series made an early finale when they could not get the expected rating.

After the rapid fame and the two disappointments that followed, a bird of luck landed on the young actress’s head! Because she got the chance to play with a master name like Haluk Bilginer and a popular name of the young generation like Tolga Sarıtaş, both on a channel where she talks about TV series like Show TV.

Büşra, the youngest child and only daughter of Emin Saruhanlı, played by Haluk Bilginer, takes care of accounts in her shops in Ödemiş. Özge Yağız, who successfully portrays the character of Büşra, who is married to Ahmet, whom she never loved, also receives admiring messages from her fans on social media with the first episode.

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