The meeting of Aybüke Pusat and Furkan Andıç highlighted the new series!
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27 March 2023 14:00


The meeting of Aybüke Pusat and Furkan Andıç highlighted the new series!

Famous actress Aybüke Pusat took part in the romantic comedy series “Her Yerde Sen” in the previous season and later gave life to the character of Dilara in the Netflix series 50 m2. The actress embarks on a new journey.

Pusat, who received an offer from a series called Kusursuz, takes another step in her acting journey, which she started in 2014 with the Medcezir series. Shining with the character of Bahar in the soldier TV series Söz, Pusat met with Furkan Andıç in her new project.

Talking about the series, in which Büşra Develi and Sercan Badur are also in the cast, the actress said, “We haven’t started shooting yet. Not yet,” she said, adding that the shooting will begin after a while.

The actress, who also informed that there is a crowded cast, the actress confirmed that her former partner Furkan Andıç is also in the series.

During the Her Yerde Sen project period, various allegations were made that the two were in love. The duo, who also came to the fore with their vacation together, will face the camera once again after years.

Answering questions about the series called Kusursuz, the actress said, “I can’t talk about the project at all. It’s not a summer show”. She simply said “a short series to one digital platform”.

Stating that her life is going well, she is doing sports and she has summer vacation plans, the actress added that the decision will be clear according to her friends’ schedules.

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