The message given behind the camera of the TV series Senden Daha Güzel was very meaningful!
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5 October 2022 17:58


The message given behind the camera of the TV series Senden Daha Güzel was very meaningful!

Senden Daha Güzel (More Beautiful Than You) series is one of the romantic comedy stories of the summer period, and the audience is very satisfied with the two episodes aired. It is among the information that Cemre Baysel and Burak Çelik fit together very well and that the setting environment is very enjoyable.

Senden Daha Güzel meets the audience on Tuesday evenings by Fox TV and seems to be a good option for entertainment-seeking and romance-loving audiences. While stating that Cemre Baysel continued her debut with the Baht Oyunu series last season, it should be said that Burak Çelik also suits the romantic comedy story. The third new episode of the series will take its place on the screen on Tuesday, June 22.

Although only two episodes have been published, Senden Daha Güzel has already shown that it can be one of the influential productions of the summer period. There are also some messages from the behind-the-scenes footage shared from the set.

First of all, you can see the energy of the young team closely on the set. The team, who worked hard for the success of the series, continues their work with pleasure despite the beginning of the summer heat.

You can see a lot of smiling faces in the set environment. The fusion of the team in a short time began to be reflected in the scenes of the series. Senden Daha Güzel is known for its assessment that it reflects the Erkenci Kuş (Early Bird) mood for many viewers.

If you think that the series has just started, we can say that the set environment will be even more fun in the coming weeks and the story will draw the audience in a lot.

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