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17 May 2022 16:37


The Misafir series is ending, but Hazal Kaya’s other series will explode!

Famous actress Hazal Kaya returned to the television screen with the TV series “Misafir”, but the expectations did not come true. The actress, who had a good partnership with Buğra Gülsoy, faced another misfortune on the television screen, on which she returned after a long time.

It was decided that the series named Misafir would make the finale. The series will have completed its screen life with the fifth episode, which will be broadcast on Thursday, December 9th. This situation, which was experienced due to the low rating, was also a bad surprise for the fans of the actress.

However, Hazal Kaya has another series. The shooting of the series, which is expected to be broadcast on Netflix, has ended. Important information about the TV series Pera Palas’ta Gece Yarısı, starring Hazal Kaya, has emerged.

Hazal Kaya made her fans very curious with the statements she made about her new series in the program “İbrahim Selim’le Bu Gece” broadcast on Youtube. The announcement that the actress, whom we will watch in the character named Esra in the series, will sing, caused the excitement to increase even more.

Esra character, who travels to the past by time travel, will also contact the Great Leader Mustafa Kemal Atatürk and there will be moments that will make the audience very emotional.

Esra character goes from 2022 to 1919 in the series Pera Palas’ta Gece Yarısı, which is a time travel story. In the story, the character of Esra will be exhibited as someone who saved Atatürk.

Hazal Kaya conveyed this detail with the following words: Esra is doing such a thing that she had to save Mustafa Kemal’s life in 1919 and she really has no idea about the period. The idea of ​​being able to save Mustafa Kemal for once is very strange… It was a dream-like set process for me, 8 episodes and one of the best scripts I’ve ever read. Indeed, when it comes to time travel, Elif (Usma) can leave a lot of blanks, but she has filled the characters and the story from such a true and real place…”

Netflix’s new series has become one of the most interesting productions of the actress’ life. Hazal Kaya, who stated that she made a very strict preparation, also expressed herself as an obsessive person. The actress also said that she was happy to find 80 more obsessed people on set, in keeping with her obsession with work.

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