The most annoying characthers in the My Home My Destiny
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30 March 2023 05:31


The most annoying characthers in the My Home My Destiny

My Home My Destiny was a headline to the audience with its 19th episode last night (November 11)! Because some of the characters in the series are increasingly straining the patience of the audience. The performances of the actors who have made a name for themselves with their successful acting also increase the anger towards those characters in the series.

Hearing that Cemile married Nuh in the new episode, Müjgan again gave a lot of trouble. Müjgan, who suddenly walked on Cemile and made unfamiliar words, was very disturbed by her brother’s happiness.

“What’s going on with getting married? I’ll kill you both. I chose you, and you will choose us, ”Müjgan, who drove both Cemile and the audience on the screen crazy, said that his meeting with Burhan was different and made the situation strange.

The fact that Müjgan intervened in the lives of everyone around him had already irritated the audience from the beginning. His constant support for Benal, his call to Benal before Zeynep left home, Mahdi’s intervention in his marriage, his words to Zeynep at every opportunity annoyed the audience, but his fight with Cemile almost carried the glass!

Müjgan, who gave life to Zeynep Kumral with her successful acting, was announced as the most annoying, selfish, bad character of the series. The selfish attitude of Müjgan, who takes out the pain of what she could not live and feeds on unhappiness, peaked in the last episode! Especially “Are you going to wear a wedding dress for the second time, are you a young girl?” her words caught a thorough reaction.

Another disturbing character of the series is Benal. Benal, who is still looking for ways to be with the Mahdi, also annoys the audience. Sakine’s side that always sees men superior is also among the criticisms reflected in the comments.

Emine is one of the ones whose water is boiling more and more! The fact that Zeynep puts words whenever she gets hurt, and that she does not like Nuh’s closeness with Cemile also causes criticism of the audience about Emine.

In this week’s episode, the characters that annoy the audience have increased, but no one can pour water into Müjgan’s hand ”

Below are some of Müjgan and Cemile’s fight and comments …

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