Series News The most problematic love in Turkish TV dramas

The most problematic love in Turkish TV dramas


[Mrs.Fazilet and Her Daughters] TV drama

Audience favorite pair of tv dramas  is Yağız and Hazan …

The interest and relevance of the couple to each other, their gaze, and the words affect the attitudes of each behavior.

Hazan is with Yagız’s brother Sinan.

However, Hazan actually loves Yağız.

Yağız and Hazan, where the bond between them is getting stronger, wants the followers to be together, though no one around them wants it.

But the duo could not live their love.

The audience will feel exhausted as they believe that the couple will somehow be happy …

This is the most curious love in Turkish TV drama ….

However, there is a big problem with this …

Deniz Baysal portrays Hazan character.

Çağlar Ertugrul plays the character of Yağız.