Series News The murderer was found in Yargı, the story begins now!

The murderer was found in Yargı, the story begins now!

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The fifth episode of the Yargı series, which was broadcast on Sunday evenings on Kanal D screens, was broadcast. As Pınar Deniz previously announced on social media, there were developments that were widely spoken and shocked the audience.

In the episode where the murderer was trapped, it became clear that Engin Tilmen was the person who killed İnci Erguvan.

Everyone followed the fifth episode of the series, starring Pınar Deniz and Kaan Urgancıoğlu, with great excitement. The facts about İnci’s character and her death became the subject of discussion on social media.

Fans of the series, who commented, “İnci is a troublemaker and a person who puts people in trouble,” thinks that the event has not been fully clarified yet. The part of the person who put İnci in the suitcase, obscured the evidence and kept silent despite knowing the incident is now a matter of curiosity.

A number of fans of the series commented on social media: “It’s a really great drama. Where and what will happen, the balances are changing at any time. Good luck with your effort.”

Stating that the Yargı series is progressing very well, the fans of the series celebrated the success of Sema Ergenekon, who wrote the script, with social media comments. The scenario of the Yargı series, which is the product of a 2-year effort, was shaped as a result of the experiences and events in the Courthouse.

Acting performances in the series Yargı, which has an original story, are also commendable. Since the murderer issue was revealed in the series, the main topic has now been reached. So the trial period will begin. Since the main issue of the series is about justice, a new era begins in the series Yargı.

Yargı was added to Kanal D’s recent debut with the TV series Sadakatsiz, Camdaki Kız. These productions, which managed to become the best projects of the channel, saved Kanal D with their ratings.

The 6th new episode of the Yargı series will meet with the audience on Sunday, October 24 at 20:00. The first trailer of the new episode has been released.