Artists News The must-haves for Devrim Özkan, who had a successful season, when choosing a project!

The must-haves for Devrim Özkan, who had a successful season, when choosing a project!


Devrim Özkan, who took the leading role in the Show TV series Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi (Come Life as it Knows), won the love of millions with her partner Ertan Saban. While the actress is taking firm steps forward in her career, she is experiencing a period where she receives praise from her fans for her acting performance.

Especially on social media, Devrim Özkan came to the fore with her latest series and managed to become one of the most talked about female actors. The series Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi, which stayed on the screen for one season and made its finale last week, became one of the unforgettable works.

Devrim Özkan surprised by saying, “We didn’t understand how it ended either.” Apparently, the famous actress was waiting for the series to continue. With 41 episodes and one of the most striking projects of this season, Gelsin Hayat Bildiği Gibi, got very good ratings and attracted great attention when it first started.

Although the ratings dropped towards the end of the season, the series created a loyal audience and was accepted as one of the successful works of the season.

Explaining that she will be on vacation abroad in the summer and that she has new projects, the famous actress said, “We have finished a good season, I am meeting for new projects. There are several projects I’ve read. I think it will be announced after the holiday,” she said.

Stating that partner harmony is important for her when choosing projects, Devrim Özkan stated that the director, producer and screenwriter are also decisive for her in choosing the project. However, the famous actress mentioned that the most important of all these factors is the scenario.

Özkan said, “There are many changing factors, but first of all, the story is very important, it is very important to believe.”

Explaining that she was planning a holiday abroad with a girlfriend, the actor added that she needed a rest and had a very busy season.

Let’s also remind you that the digital series Rumi, in which the actress took part in the shootings last year, was broadcast on TRT’s digital platform, Tabi. Rumi series, which tells about Mevlana’s life, has a special place in Devrim Özkan’s career as a production with a high visual richness of 10 episodes.