The name of the series is O Kız (That Girl), but everyone asked this question while watching the series: Who is that girl?
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26 November 2022 12:31


The name of the series is O Kız (That Girl), but everyone asked this question while watching the series: Who is that girl?

One of Kanal D’s ambitious TV series O Kız (That Girld) is on the air. The series, which started shooting a while ago, was a remarkable production in terms of its subject and actors. The first episode of the series, which will be broadcast on Wednesday evenings, was on the screen this week. After the leading roles of the series, Erkan Petekkaya and Sezin Akbaşoğulları, Dilin Döğer was also appreciated in the first episode as the prominent character of the story.

It was a nice surprise for the audience that Petekkaya and Akbaşoğulları took part in the same TV series after the TV series called Beyaz Gelincik, in which they appeared together years ago. With the character of Sitare, Sezin Akbaşoğulları seems to be getting on everyone’s nerves in the coming episodes with the way she chose to save herself and her lover from harassment even though she realizes that she is innocent!

Kadir, who is like a 5-year-old child despite being 45 years old, is one of the most innocent names in the story. At the end of the first episode, it was understood with the step Sitare took to save her lover Ozan and her job, that the harassment incident that happened to his daughter Zeynep, who was at least as innocent as him, would suddenly appear on social media and turn into an unfavorable situation.

Dilin Döğer, with the character of Zeynep, has managed to become one of the most remarkable names in the series! She made the audience of O Kız (That Girl) say, ‘Who is that girl?’! She attracted attention because she was not known much before. In the series, where Erkan Petekkaya successfully gave life to a special person as an experienced name, Dilin Döğer also played a very successful role as her daughter.

This loving communication between father and daughter was also hidden in the small detail that they sometimes made by wiggling their fingers. It is also revealed with the admirable comments from the audience in the first episode that Erkan Petekkaya and Dilin Döğer, as father-daughter who understand each other very well, keep their energies very well and that they successfully put their signature to scenes that make the audience experience emotional moments in their mutual plays.

Zeynep, the daughter of Kadir, whom Kadir embraced with his child mind and warm heart, was subjected to the harassment of Ozan in the house where she went to clean instead of her after hurting her aunt’s arm. Zeynep, who was asked to keep quiet by her aunt, had to go back to that house the next day. After the tension and stress she experienced, Zeynep, who got even more tense when Ozan pressured her to “understand me wrong”, is going to a process that will turn her life upside down with the trap Sitare set up knowing she was innocent!

While it is eagerly awaited how his father will perceive and react to these events, Dilin Döğer’s acting in the first episode of the series is also praised. Although she did not have much experience before, Dilin Döğer demonstrates her success with her performance in the TV series “O Kız”, sometimes by stealing roles from her experienced elders.

Born in 1995, the young actress is studying at Hacettepe University, Department of English Linguistics. Döğer, who also studied dance, music and ballet, first started acting in 2021 with the character of Afife in the TV series “Ex Aşkım”.

Then she starred in the feature film Goodnight Soldier by award-winning director Hiner Saleem. The O Kız series seems to be a turning point in Dilin Döğer’s career! Despite not having much experience, the young actress has already attracted attention with her successful performance…

In the meantime, the first trailer of the second episode of O Kızl, which will be published on Wednesday, September 28, was shared. Zeynep and Kadir’s world will be turned upside down!

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