The names behind Show TV's series Baba already tell everything!
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30 March 2023 04:14


The names behind Show TV’s series Baba already tell everything!

While dozens of TV series are still broadcasting on the screen, many TV series have made their finals since the beginning of the season. While those whose ratings are not good are sent to the drama dump, brand new TV series projects are always in action as a backup plan! In addition to the ongoing series, the channels are already rolling up their sleeves for other productions that will replace the series that are likely to end.

Very ambitious productions entered the season, which started in September 2021. The ones from the previous season also continue. When we come to the half of the year, it is seen that some new and ambitious productions are counting the days to come to the screen. One of the most striking of these series is the series Baba…

First of all, the fact that the master actor Haluk Bilginer is one of the leading roles in the series already reveals the claim of the project from the beginning. Those who watch the promotional film also see that they will encounter a very special project that tastes like a movie.

The cast is an element that draws attention even before the series begins. Along with Haluk Bilginer, one of the successful young male actors of the last period, Tolga Sarıtaş is also in the lead role. Özge Yağız, one of the successful actresses of the young generation, is also in the squad.

In addition, the fact that prominent names such as Hakan Kurtaş, Ayda Aksel, Taner Rumeli, Bihter Dinçel, Deniz Hamzaoğlu are in the cast in every project they take part in, reveals how meticulously the casting of the series was done. Another good development is that a master name like Ayda Aksel will play Haluk Bilginer’s wife in the series.

Let’s come to another subject that magnifies the claim of the series. Gökhan Horzum, who has his signature in TV series such as Bir İstanbul Masalı, Kavak Yelleri, Güneşi Beklerken, Kiraz Mevsimi, Hayatımın Aşk, Ferhat İle Şirin, and who recently signed his signature on Çukur, one of the unforgettable TV series, is one of Baba’s two screenwriters. After Horzum’s great reputation with Çukur, it is not difficult to understand that the upcoming script will also do a solid job!

Gökhan Horzum is writing the script for the TV series Baba together with Ekin Atalar. Atalar is also a name in the scenario group of the TV series Kavak Yelleri, Hayatımın Aşkı, Kiraz Mevsimi, Güneşi Beklerken. Finally, he is one of the screenwriters of Arkadaşlar İyidir and Menajerimi Ara.

Looking at the past of these two screenwriters, it is seen that they have produced productions that have left their mark on our domestic TV series history. Therefore, it is almost an indication that the Baba series is a production that will drag the audience with its story, and when the casting and the past works of the screenwriters are revealed, it is an indication that something that will be talked about a lot is coming!

Of course, the audience will make the final decision, as always! After all, the life of quality productions is limited only by ratings. The story that reaches the audience wins. It is a fact that Baba raised curiosity even before he arrived. The excited waiting began. Let’s see how the series will have an effect on the screen with all its positive elements. We will watch and see…

By the way, the release date of the series has not been determined yet. However, it seems that the wait will not be long with the phrase ‘Soon’… Here is Baba’s first introduction…

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