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20 August 2022 09:30


The new actress who draws attention to the series Gecenin Ucunda, which comes like a storm

The series Gecenin Ucunda (At the end of the Night) starring Neslihan Atagül and Kadir Doğulu is eagerly awaited. One of the most ambitious productions of the September season and will be broadcast on Star TV, The Gecenin Ucunda series will be adapted from Peride Celal’s novel of the same name.

As the leading role in the series, the series first started to be mentioned with Neslihan Atagül. It was later learned that Atagül’s actress husband Kadir Doğulu shared his production with TMC Film with Alim Yapım. It was a surprise detail that Neslihan Atagül would take part in the project where her husband was a co-producer. However, what happened next revealed an even more surprising situation!

With the decision of Kadir Doğulu to be the leading male actor in this ambitious story, a situation that both surprises and makes the audience happy. The couple, who got married after the Fatih Harbiye TV series, in which they acted together in 2015, are back in front of the camera years later.

While the preparations for the highly anticipated series continue, there are also new developments regarding the cast. With the meticulous work, it was learned that Zuhal Olcay was also included in the cast of the series recently. It was on the agenda that Macide, to be played by Neslihan Atagül, would give life to Şermin, her mother.

The last name to join the series was Tuba Ünsal.

Tuba Ünsal, who last appeared on the screen with the character of Handan in the TV series İçerde (Inside), in 2017, returns to the screen with the series “Gecenin Ucunda” after a long break. Tuba Ünsal also participated in the popular Netflix series Aşk 101 (Love 101) as a guest actress recently.

Macide, played by Atagül in the series, will be a character who works both as a healing student and a human resources specialist. We will watch Kadir Doğulu as Kazım, the rich son of the Işık family. Tuba Ünsal will play the character of Kazım’s wife Nermin. The struggle of Nermin and Macide will draw attention in the gripping story of the series Gecenin Ucunda.

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