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12 August 2022 12:55


The new decision in the Kalp Yarası series will disturb the audience again!

The Kalp Yarası series aired on ATV is getting ready to meet the audience with its 19th new episode. It is eagerly awaited what will happen in the new episode, which will be broadcast on Monday, November 8th.

There will be important developments in the 19th episode of the series, in which Yağmur Tanrısevsin and Gökhan Alkan take the leading roles. The fans of the series are happy with the struggle of Ayşe and Ferit to start a new life.

However, the most disturbing detail is that the character of Hande is brought to the fore. The screenwriters are determined to give this character a lot of money in the new episodes. Hande, who wants to make Ayşe pay the price in the upcoming episodes of the series in which Merve Çağıran takes the lead, will greatly affect the audience.

Some TV series fans state that they are uncomfortable with the character of Hande being featured too much on social media. Despite this situation, the screenwriters have to highlight this character and add excitement and tension to the story in order to create a confrontational atmosphere.

The details of what will happen in the 19th new episode of the Kalp Yarası series are as follows: Ayşe and Ferit try to establish a life for themselves with the joy of their child to be born.

On the one hand, Mirza, who entered their lives with a secret agenda, is the harbinger of difficult times, on the other hand, there is Hande, who has sworn to make Ayşe, whom she sees as responsible for her experiences, pay a great price.

Learning that Yaman is a Sancakzade, Hande intends to crush everyone who comes in front of her with various games in order to get him again.

Ferit, who is trying to reveal who Mirza really is, will engage in a fight with Mirza, both directly and secretly.

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