The new decision to stop the rise of For My Family!
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29 March 2023 15:16


The new decision to stop the rise of For My Family!

We have been watching a great breakout of the series For My Family (Kardeşlerim), which has been broadcasting on the ATV screen in recent weeks. Especially in the category of all persons, TRT1’s rating winner came to rival the An Anatolian Tale series… For My Family series continues its rise with both its theme and its interesting characters.

While the story is getting deeper in ATV’s drama series, which is a big surprise for this season, the audience is also very attached to the production. Continuously increasing the ratings and progressing by increasing the number of viewers every week, my brothers are putting out performances that can almost get the first place from An Anatolian Tale

The AB and ABC1 performances of the series are also increasing with each passing week, which was very remarkable. The most important reason for this rise of the series For My Family is that its rivals named North Star and Love Is In The Air is in a falling trend. Already, Love Is In The Air has been postponed to June. The North Star will also finish in mid-June. In other words, For My Family were very clear. However, this situation is changing.

The series For My Family managed to gather the audience in the first 7 episodes. However, on the evening of Saturday, April 10, this time it will have another tough rival like the Warrior series. Fox TV’s decision to broadcast The Warriors series, which successfully passed 4 seasons, was a last-minute surprise. On Saturday, April 10, Warrior will be on screen with its 100th episode.

It is expected that The Warriors, who came with its renewed staff, will change their rating balance. My brothers series is also expected to be negatively affected by this situation. However, issues such as whether the rise of the ATV series will stop or how much it will regress can only be understood when the ratings are revealed.

The 8th episode of For My Family, which will be broadcast on Saturday, April 10, will again be a very exciting episode with plenty of drama. Here is the trailer of For My Family 8th Episode 2:

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