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18 August 2022 16:57


The new project for Kerem Bürsin is like a new relationship!

Kerem Bürsin, Turkey spokesperson of HeforShe, posed for Alem magazine and made important statements. Stating that he always tried to be energetic and cheerful, the actor stated that he could not always be like this. The actor said, “If the problems are outside of you, you should enjoy the moment. I also love to laugh and make people laugh at home. It’s nice to have fun,” he said, emphasizing that he has a cheerful personality.

When asked what kind of evaluation process he carries out when a project is presented to him, Kerem Bürsin explained the path he followed. The actor mentioned that the character is very important to him and explained:

“The world of that project and of course the character is very important to me. I analyze the character from a personal place. Do I want to spend that much time with such a person? Because I look at it like I’m starting a new relationship.”

Stating that he is a realistic person in his relationship, the actor continues to live in love with Hande Erçel, with whom he partnered in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı.

The actor, who drew attention by saying, “No one should be restricted in a relationship and should not try to change the other person,” also underlined that it is very important to be unfiltered and natural in a relationship.

Everyone is trying to make themselves seem happy on social media, and this comes up frequently. The actor brings realism to the fore in this area as well as in his private life.

Kerem Bürsin said, “I think I use social media realistically. If I’m not in my mood, I don’t feel like sharing anything. I like to support my friends and local projects through social media.”

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