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4 July 2022 09:43


The new project of Seray Kaya, who left the Mahkum series as a surprise, has been announced!

Actress Seray Kaya, who gave life to the character of Cemre in the TV series Mahkum (Prisoner), which came to the screen on Thursday evenings on Fox TV, passed away after losing her role in the story in the past weeks. It was wondered which project the beautiful actress would appear on the screen.

The new project of Seray Kaya, one of the leading actors of Mahkum, has been announced after the record-breaking series. It was learned that the successful name, who received offers from production companies for many different projects, as soon as it was revealed that she would leave the Mahkum series, will be broadcast on ATV screens, and that she signed the previous day for the “Bir Küçük Günışığı” (A Little Daylight) series, one of the new productions of the season.

Emre Kabakuşak will sit in the director’s chair while NGM Media will undertake the production of the TV series “Bir Küçük Günışığı” in which Seray Kaya will play the leading role.

Özgür Evren Heptürk writes the script of the series, which is said to be an impressive women’s drama.

Seray Kaya, who attracted attention with her role as Şirin in the series “Woman”, which was among the unforgettable productions of Fox TV, and who never fell from the social media agenda in those days, had a big break with her performance.

After the successful actress “Woman”, she also took a role in the TV series Kuruluş Osman (Establishment Osman). The actress, who came to the screen this time with a period job by giving a nice surprise to the audience, gave a good performance in the series Mahkum after this series in which the leading roles predominated.

For the new project of Atv, which is based on an influential woman’s story, the names that will play other roles are not yet known and the casting continues. It is said that the series, which is expected to be on the set in July after the preparations and reading rehearsals are over, will come to the screen in the September season.

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