The nickname of Burak Deniz, got ahead of his name!
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29 March 2023 12:36


The nickname of Burak Deniz, got ahead of his name!

Maraşlı is broadcast on the ATV screen and Alina Boz shares the lead roles with Burak Deniz. While the successful performances of the two famous names are impressive, there is also a low interest in the series due to the fact that the script is not as impressive as the first one. Series fans, on the other hand, criticize the ATV, emphasizing that it is not promoting enough.

Burak Deniz, who is often praised by his fans on social media for his good looks and talent, has a new nickname… For a long time, the famous actor has been appealing to his fans as “Kirpik Reis”. In the social media environment, it is enough to say Kirpik Reis instead of Burak Deniz.

Fans who wear this nickname because of the length of his eyelashes often call out the famous actor in this way… It has become a normal situation for many TV series fans to say “Kirpik Reis is on the pitch” on Mondays when the TV series from Maraşlı is broadcast.

Burak Deniz’s nickname surpassed his name. Because calling him “Kirpik Reis” is now quite normal and commonplace

The fans of the TV series who left a comment saying “Kirpik Reis is with you today”, show that they will be on the screen on Monday evenings to watch Maraşlı.

Fans of Burak Deniz, who also shared short episodes of his scenes in the series, no longer need to write his name. he posts directly by saying “Kirpik Reis”.

Burak Deniz, who shines again on the screen with Maraşlı after the series named Bizim Hikaye, is loved by his fans and fans often use this nickname to show that they love him very much.

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