The Nomen series that Halit Ergenç fans have been waiting for is on the way!
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1 October 2022 02:08


The Nomen series that Halit Ergenç fans have been waiting for is on the way!

Halit Ergenç, one of the screen faces of Disney Plus, is one of the names whose new projects are eagerly awaited by his fans.

The actor, who has been on the screen for years and has demonstrated his talents with important projects he has played, has a large fan base not only in our country but also abroad. This is why Halit Ergenç’s new series Nomen is eagerly awaited.

The master actor said in a statement he made the previous month that it was a new project, but there was no clear situation. For new projects, Halit Ergenç said, “We are in talks, nothing is clear. I’m evaluating the work. I do not expect a role, I look at the role and the scenario among the offers and decide accordingly.”

The developments regarding the Nomen series are progressing fast, and it turned out that the actor has started working on the series. Halit Ergenç has not been in front of the cameras for a long time after the Babil series broadcast on Star TV in 2020. The actor, who will be on the set soon after a 1.5-year hiatus, started his preparations for his role.

Halit Ergenç, who appeared to participate in rehearsals after accepting a role in the series with an unusual story, also makes his fans very curious.

The actor, who will portray the story of a man who made a telepathic agreement with his wife after he was in a coma, will be partnering with two important actresses such as Songül Öden and Melis Sezen in this project.

Nomen, the story of which Zafer Külünk wrote, is one of the original Turkish series that Disney Plus focuses on meticulously. The preliminary preparations for the series, in which Deniz Türkali also joined the cast, are at the completion stage and the shooting is expected to begin soon.

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