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19 August 2022 13:42


The number of followers of Hande Erçel on Instagram is astonishing!

Hande Erçel, one of the popular actresses of the young generation, has reached such a number of followers on social media that it makes even many world stars jealous! She is known in almost half the world, thanks to the romantic TV series Sen Çal Kapımı, which he recently came to the screen with!

Hande Erçel, who took the lead role with Kerem Bürsin in the TV series Sen Çal Kapımı on Fox TV, has been mentioned with the news of separation in the tabloid world recently. It was brought to the agenda that the relationship of Kerem Bürsin and Hande Erçel, who were lovers while playing together in the series, ended recently.

The two actors who gave life to the characters of Eda and Serkan in the TV series “Sen Çal Kapımı” were very similar to each other. The two young actors later became lovers and recently broke up. Both gained great fame thanks to the series broadcast in 85 countries of the world.

The number of followers on Hande Erçel’s Instagram account increased rapidly. While Sen Çal Kapımı was on the air, the actress did not fall into the mouth of the social media. Hande Erçel said in a television program that she was also surprised by the number of followers.

At that time, he had around 21 thousand followers. Currently, the number of followers of the actress has reached 27 thousand! The actress, who is of the opinion that she attracts attention on Instagram due to her sincerity and naturalness, is gradually increasing her power in social media!

For this reason, the actress, who is the favorite of many famous brands, contributes by publishing the advertisements of the brands she is involved in on social media.

Hande Erçel’s number of followers on Twitter is also not to be underestimated! 650 thousand people follow the actress on Twitter. Hande Erçel’s social media follower figures have surpassed many Hollywood actors and even famous singers!

Hande Erçel, who had gathered at her door to be the face of brands, had finally agreed with a jewelry brand. Her posts as the face of the brand reached more than 5 million viewers.

In the research conducted by the social media measurement service Adba, Hande Erçel was again in the first place in the category of the most talked about actress of 2021.

In the meantime, Hande Erçel’s question is whether she has a new TV series project or not. Her fans can’t wait to see her in a drama again. The actress, who also received offers from the producers, has not yet agreed on a project. It is also said that Hande Erçel, who is in the evaluation phase of incoming projects, is meeting with Disney Plus, the digital platform that has just entered the Turkish market and is expected to start broadcasting in the summer.

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